Organized Crime

from by WindCave

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A magnum opus hard-edged political diatribe inspired by the pivotal works of Jerry Mander's "Absence of the Sacred", which examines the tragic displacement of indigenous culture and wisdom in pursuit of technology, and Howard Zinn's "A Peoples History of the US". Lyrics written in 1994, with the epitaph updated for 2012.


The all-pervasive becomes invisible
As human artifacts are everywhere
A backdrop of our own creation
Veils our eyes to what is really here

Mechanistic views of nature
Produce a fascination
and dependence on machine
Electric cities distanced by
vehicles and roads
Have grown to overtake
a peaceful creature's green

In absence of the sacred
This taken land is butchered and sold
To fill the corporate cornucopia
With consequences untold

Destroying world ecology
to fuel the status quo
The conquest of corporate culture
has let our future go
Expose a caustic legacy
denying common birth
Evince the true conspiracy
against our Mother Earth

For everything it's worth

Why do we have no language
With which to question this technology?
Have we worked so hard
to afford speed and leisure time?
That we've consumed a vital curiosity

Or does the need to feed our family
Keep us from challenging
wrongful institution?
And so we sleepwalk
through the very stages
Of the revision of earthly conditions

Is it in these ways that we have joined
in the conspiracy?

To overrule nature's way?
Provide our brothers
with the means to destroy each other
And concede to
let the world be lead astray

Out in search of enemies
to shoot made-for-tv war
Eradicating history
with ease unknown before
For sword to turn to plowshare
Hammer to forge must fall

Organize and resist
Media-complicit corporate
bureaucratic violence
As it is threatening us all

Hammer to forge must fall

The discontinuation
of victimization involves us all

It's time to reinstate
our latent creativity
In which we blow the cover
on a culture-wide passivity
When everything we use
to the point of abuse comes
prepackaged by a business
whose business practices
remain none of our business
We call that Uncritical
Consumer Consciousness

Yes! The Genie of Technology
Was once summoned
from the lamp
Granted three wishes and then left
left us here making a bigger
and bigger mess
While causing the planet
unprecedented stress

Forcing open our eyes
until we realize
What has happened
by our own mute consent
At the expense of our innocence

So how do we begin to reconcile?
With Inner-City man,
woman, and child
And reacquaint us all
with a more peaceful time
Long before Explorer
ever reached this native shore
To spread the plague...
Leaving pock-marked scars
of Missionary melÈe
Expatriate pioneers carved up
an unspoiled frontier
Industrial Revolution founded
the American Way
ëTil how many tree-chopping,
gold-digging, oil-drilling, land-filling
Fat-Boss-Opportunists we'll never know

Began to grow and grow
and grow and grow
and grow and grow

Off the backs of fresh immigrants
Off the backs of slaves and immigrants
Off the backs of more fresh immigrants
Large enough to control the whole show

Transcontinental Railroad
Manifest Destiny possessed
Hypodermic injection
to the repopulate the west
Race to displace the native populations
Took a five-state Death March
to the Reservation
On a coked-up whim
had the Goddess put to rest
Healing woman's medicine repossessed
Burned at the stake
Subdued and enslaved
Reduced to mere fiction on a page
Fanciful imagery of a bygone magical age
When tales were not just tales of magic

Before the hot-and-cold-running-war
of Us Against Them
Never stopped applying
so much tragic engineering stress
to finally crack the Atom's
destructive energies

All wishes became granted one-two-three
By buff-and-polish of an age-old lamp
Of master-slave dominance
through advanced technology

Technologic Exploitation
Techsploitation with a sound like this

In this age of Technology
The Corporation is not a Person
with rights like you and me

Until the day Corporations and
Politicians are held accountable
For insider profit greed
so boundlessly corruptible

For native cultures
lost ecologies
for world economies
so badly broken
For this planet's busted bubble
which is STILL NO JOKE, and while they sway the law with
unlimited campaign contributions
While complicit media
fills our minds with pollutions
While underfunded
educational institutions
Leave us unable
to exercise the rights
of our Founders' Constitution
We The People are always
at risk of becoming
We The Sheeple

A simple flock
of disempowered citizenry
Standing on eroding
middle class ground
Struggling to unite
and make a sound
Struggling to exist
while the 1% are so remiss

We-the-people declare

We-the-people always
organize and resist

That is altogether...
to be considered

Organized Crime

Stay strong...

And Resist


from This Is Now The Past, released December 21, 2012




WindCave Santa Cruz, California

The wind blows across the earth and into the recesses of every cave. Where you find the sweet spots of resonance and reverberation, you will find the cave walls adorned and embellished as sonic markers. Listen... and you will hear... sing... drum... dance... play... allow your eyes to adjust and then contemplate the Original Record... while shadows play across rock imbued with the human story. ... more

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